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PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)

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PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP® demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct projects.

This 4-day PMP Exam Preparation Course (based on PMBOK 5th edition) provides an optimal mix of classroom lectures, interactive case studies, assignments, additional reading materials, and online exam preparation material.
The exam price is not included in the package price

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this course, you will understand:
  • Pass the PMP® Exam and become a certified project management professional (PMP)
  • Gain the skills & knowledge of project management based on the PMBOK® Guide and other appropriate references
  • Use the tools and techniques you learned while studying for the PMP exam
  • Apply project management techniques useful in the real world
  • Share a common lexicon of project management terms and principles


  • Those considering adopting the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge
  • Project managers
  • Project team managers and leaders
  • Project coordinators
  • Project support staff
  • Project officers
  • Consultants and contractors


There are no formal prerequisites for participating in the PMP Exam Preparation course.
However there are specific prerequisites of Project Management Experience prior to scheduling the PMP exam.

Eligibility requirements for registering for the PMP exam if your Educational background is a Four-year degree (bachelor):
  • Minimum three years / 36 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience during which at least 4,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks.
  • You will need to prove 35 hours of formal Project Management education
Eligibility requirements for registering for the PMP exam if your Educational background is a Secondary degree (highschool):
  • Minimum of five years / 60 months of unique nonoverlapping professional management experience during which at least 7,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks
  • You will need to prove 35 hours of formal Project Management education


This course is aimed at people who work, or would like to work, on projects on a daily basis. This course is designed to provide participants with that information and working-level understanding of structured Project Management.

A pre-course assessment will help participants to determine their current level of understanding of the PM Body of Knowledge. During the 4-days in class, participants will enjoy learning about PMI Body of Knowledge, and will concurrently learn the skills needed to practically apply this knowledge in real life. During the 4-days in the classroom course, participants will do a thorough review of course materials and prepare for taking on and passing PMP Exam.

200-sample exam questions are available for participants after the training course in an online learning environment, allowing participants to prepare for the PMP exam.

Additionally, participants are granted access to Sharkworld. Sharkworld is an online business simulation, which provides context to PMBOK. In the game, the participant takes on the role of a project manager who will lead a big-budget construction project in Shanghai, China. The player will practice skills such as planning and risk management but will also be trained in soft skills such as managing customer expectations and managing motivation on the work floor. The game presents different realistic dilemmas to encourage players to take decisions based on their knowledge of project management.

Block 1 – Pre-course exam
40 questions to check the current level of knowledge of participants and recommend focus areas for the course. Participants will receive a login to the learning portal where they can take the pretest. Participants can take the pre-test from any location with an internet connection.

Block 2 PMP classroom course
4-days of intense classroom learning. Participants will receive a student handbook with reading materials, course slides and individual and group exercises. This will be provided to them at the beginning of the course.

Block 3 Sharkworld
Participants enhance their learning experience by playing Sharkworld. This online, interactive game experience puts participants in the role of a project manager for a fictional company and is challenged with the task to build the largest shark aquarium in the world. Faced with sharp deadlines and performance expectations, the player has to manage the project by planning, negotiating and communicating. Sharkworld has been awarded several awards worldwide.
4-hours of application driven virtual simulation to check if the participants is able to apply knowledge in practice. This can be taken directly after the course. Participants will receive a login to the learning portal where they can login to play the game. Note that a fast internet connection is required as the game uses videos and other streaming media.

Block 4 Sample Exam
Sample exam questions with didactical feedback to prepare for the exam. This can be taken directly after the course, and is available for participants for 90 days. This is also available from the learning portal. In case participants have any concerns prior to taking the exam, they can contact the instructor for support via email.


The PMP examination is comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions. Of the 200 questions, 25 are considered pretest questions. Pretest questions do not affect the score and are used in examinations as an effective and legitimate way to test the validity of future examination questions. All pretest questions are unmarked and randomly placed throughout the examination. The 200 questions cover the vast body of project management terms, concepts, principles, and application.

The time allotted to complete the exam is four hours, the exam is computer based. Pass/Fail results are provided at the conclusion of the exam.

There are no scheduled breaks during the exam although candidates are allowed to take a break(s), if needed. During the break the clock continues to count down.

The PMP PMI courses are offered in association with ITpreneurs, an APMG Accredited Training Organisation.

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